2021 BMW 2-series – A compact luxury sedan worth buying?

2021 BMW 2-series

This is the new 2021 BMW 2-series Gran Coupe the latest in a string of controversial cars from the German manufacturer controversial because it’s not rear-wheel drive so just like the one series on which this car is very closely based you can only have the 2021 BMW 2-series Gran Coupe a with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive however well that has annoyed BMW fanboys around the world we’ve seen in the 1 Series that it’s made it a significantly better car than before so this is essentially a saloon swoopy coupe a 4-door version of the 1Series but is it any good?


The 2021 BMW 2-series Gran Coupe a different from the 1 Series well obviously the styling is slightly different BMWs also resisted the urge of putting an enormous kidney grill on the front and instead has gone with one that looks within pretty good proportions to the rest of the car you’ve got these strong lines on the bonnet that point down towards it and also the headlights that again move the focus onto the kidney grille – and also the headlights have still got the four eyes that are pretty iconic with BMW. 

Obviously the shape of the car is very different from the one series with this sloping roofline which leads you to the back this is perhaps the most opinion splitting part of the cars design the back because it’s quite distinctive quite flat and there’s quite a lot going on back here isn’t there you’ve got this line all the way along the back and the tail lights that wrap around the whole of the car Its closest competitor the Mercedes Benz CLA.

Down the side of the car you’ve got the two strong structure lines that run along it and also if we open the door and shock the window down you can see that it has frame less doors. So there’s nothing at the back here which means there’s no practical use for that but with the window back up and when you close the door all of this sits flush with the body. So I don’t think anyone’s going to notice that no one’s going to say hey nice frameless doors.

In the back the first thing you notice getting in the back of the 2021 BMW 2-series Gran Coupe a is the headroom and the lack of it because although legroom is better the distance between the front wheels and the rear wheels is the same as the one series so legroom is identical and you in fact get about 33 millimetres more than in the 2 Series Coupe but people around 5.10 feet tall or more than that going to be very comfortable back here over long distances.

For children you’ve got a couple of ISOFIX seats here it would be fine and also the door openings in the rear aren’t particularly wide either so it can be a bit difficult getting in especially because the roof lining is so low you kind of have to Limb into the back however it doesn’t seem right to give this car a proper kicking about practicality because if you’re after a family car you’re going to be looking at one series not this 2 Series Gran Coupe so just like the CLA it’s more about the kind of style focused element. 

The 2 series gran coupe looks a whole lot better in the flesh than in the images, so if you are shopping in this space, do give this car a chance to win you over in the real world. The side profile has balanced visual proportions and with the 18-inch wheels and the fat 225 section tyres, it even looks like a premium sedan.


Whether you like the looks or not is subjective but practicality is something that can be measured and by sheer litre edge the 2 Series Gran Coupe a has 430 litres of space available with the rear seats up, that’s 50-litres more than the 1 Series hatch and less than a slightly smaller boot than the Mercedes CLA which itself is not a particularly practical car but you can see the 2021 BMW 2-series GranCoupe a suffer from a pretty narrow opening here it does go quite far back and you get some useful underfloor storage. They can still be folded down in a three-way 40:20:40, which is helpfully versatile.


The interior is identical to the one but that isn’t a bad thing because the 1-series has a fantastic interior so the reasons it’s so good in that core and in this car or because the build quality first and foremost is class leading so all the materials feel really good they’re brilliantly screwed together and use there’s not really any cheap feeling stuff anywhere it just has an amazing feeling of solidity.

The iDrive entertainment system very responsive good sized screen these shortcut buttons on the side are very helpful and also you can control it with the rotary dial down here that’s one of the main reasons this system is so good along with having these physical shortcut buttons around the rotary dial down here you’ve also get a voice command system. You can finally get apple car play as standard for the lifetime of the car so before BMW are making you have it for a year but then pay a subscription fee and they weren’t even offering Android auto at all but now you can have apple car play for as long as you have the car.

Engine Specification

The 2 Series Gran Coupé 220d rides on a front-wheel-drive configuration (or an all-wheel-drive on the M235i xDrive variant that is unlikely for India). It is fed power from the familiar 2.0l four-cylinder turbo-diesel, via an eight-speed automatic transmission. The transversely mounted diesel has exceptional refinement levels and is the only engine option for now, but a petrol variant is likely to be introduced by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

The 220d M Sport tested here puts out 190PS and 400Nm with a claimed 0-100 kmph sprint time of 7.5s (7.7s tested). The engine is mated to a piece of BMW tech called the ARB or actuator contiguous wheel slip limitation system, which essentially controls understeer that results out of excessive power/torque that is fed to the front wheels.


In a nutshell, then, the 2021 BMW 2-series is certainly a better buy than the CLA was because it also has a sprightlier engine, better dynamics and a more comfortable cabin. Furthermore, it has enough tech to keep you entertained and ensure that you don’t feel shortchanged for the Bavarian badge. It is also more accessible than the one series, which makes it a sweet deal that will attract a lot of newcomers to the brand.

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