2021 Ford Expedition – Better than Lincoln Navigator ?

2021 Ford Expedition

2020 was the last year of the ford fusion other than that you have SUV’s pickup trucks with the 2021 Ford Expedition king ranch big news is if they’re bringing back that great western style and fine touches to the 2021 Ford Expedition. what we start off with is basically an expedition limited and then they’re going to pile on all that cowboy goodness to give you a unique style and interior feel that’s going to separate you from the rest of the ranch hands on the ranch that you live at.


The styling of the expedition very bold has such a presence to it now when we’re talking about headlight style you’re looking at this multi led beam headlight like the bright silver inside the headlight housing and I think aesthetically very pleasing how it integrates and locks in nicely with that chrome grille now as we come across the grille one thing you’re going to notice that’s specific about the king ranch is this stone grey metallic colour trim.

I really think it pops nicely not only with the chrome that’s also part of the grille but also our particular iconic silver expedition now as we drop down we’re going to look over on the corner here you’re going to have functional fog lamps and you’re getting functional side air curtains as well with some chrome trim that really shows that there’s nothing fake there on the corner and it gives you that nice fog light led fog light to really illuminate the road in front of you now as we come across the lower section styling wise the open area that helps bring in cool air we have some horizontal slots.

Then if you notice you’re going to get that same stone grey metallic cover on the bottom portion of the front fascia that is an identifier that this is a king ranch look for the very nice subtle styling cues it’s just enough to make it look different but not too much to where you’re sticking out like a sore thumb of course you’re going to have that forward-facing camera help you navigate through the mall parking lot or through your 2021 Ford Expedition.

When you go 2021 Ford Expedition King Ranch you’re getting 22 inches of wheel pleasure so you machine aluminium i like the metallic grey. Now if you’re wondering well Joe what’s the size of this tire on this thing you’re looking at a 2 85 on the width and a 45 series sidewall of course fully ventilated rotors even like the amount of space and if you notice no flat black plastic classy nice touch now as we go into the fender you have very strong powerful line very nice badging it’s nothing too much that king ranch the logo there it’s the same logo you’ll find on the wheels.

We have our stone grey colour on the mirror caps a little bit of gloss black and then one of my favourite things that like about the side is that when you look at the trim around the windows it’s only along the bottom here so you have this one piece that actually goes all the way around nothing up top gloss black you have the stone grey roof rail with the crossbars so you could mount just about anything on top of this chrome on the dorm handle door handles some chrome along the bottom.

when you open up the door you have those automatic dropping running boards and then you close the door a few seconds later they tuck right up nice and super clean we keep working our way back you see the trim the nice strong belt line super size on the rear quarter window and i like the way the tenon glass blends in nicely with the rear pillar.

All aerodynamically efficient you have a low roof spoiler, nice flow to the glass flush ford badge and even the way they put the explorer name it’s like they actually took a nice hot iron and stamped it expedition across the back king ranch badging just like on the fenders and then as we drop down you’re going to have that same stone grey finish across the bottom it really makes this a nice cohesive package aesthetically with that extra colour even the way the tail light design is is shaped led brake light still looks tasteful but why don’t we go ahead let’s pop the hood and see what’s powering this particular expedition.

Engine Specification

You do have hydraulic hood struts. Underneath that hood is that 3.5 litre ecoboost v6. So remember when we hear eco boost that means turbocharged this engine is actually twin turbocharged so you’re looking at 375 horsepower 470 pound-feet of torque it’s all routed through a 10-speed automatic transmission you could tow up to 9300 pounds with your expedition 0 to 606.2 seconds fuel economy 17 in the city 24 on the highway.

You’ll be surprised with these eco boost engines especially this particular 3.5 having those two smaller turbos when you get on it you’re not going to be waiting a longtime for that boost to build up 0 to 66.2 seconds and a vehicle this size is quite respectable.¬†


Well looking for a super-sized suv for a family you would really like the style, been contemplating a navigator but hey I’m glad the king ranch is back how much is this one the way that it’s optioned msrp $74,900. let’s see what you get for the money now when you go 2021 Ford Expedition King Ranch you’re getting that beautiful dark brown del rio leather across the whole top there the stitch work is beautiful the nice silver trim you do get the B&O sound system.

Then checkout that door pocket you could get plenty of things stored in that and a couple of bottles of fresh squeezed milk from your favourite cow and wash it all down now as you come to the dash you could see brown solve material the stitch work is great even soft on the top door. You do have a 12 volt , 8 inch sync 4 system very easy to use navigation apple car-play and android auto. You also get a 360 camera .

Then you a dual climate control, heated steering wheel, heated seats and ventilated seats so they got you covered there you have the beautiful wood veneer finish on your centre console and the stitch work all around the centre console. It also gets an analog speedometer nice large digital display you get all coolant, oil pressure all that good stuff and it also has different drive modes as well so we got normal, snow and wet tow and hall sport and then eco so that really allows you to kind of tailor the whole driving experience no matter what you’re doing if you wanna be a little eco-friendly¬†switch to eco mode.

If you’re comparing this to a Lincoln navigator it’s going to be a challenge because there’s so many nice finishes in here and of course you’re going to get the same great amount of room now they took the leather all the way around. In the back two usb a home power source ac controls heated seats but no ventilated seats so that’s going to be a zonk, nice little holder. Then nice wide on the captain’s chair you could flip the arm rest up which is great plenty of headroom also got the ac vents nicely up high instead of just cooling the ankles.


You get a you’re looking at over a hundred cubic feet of space. If you get kicked out of the house, kicked off the ranch, get yourself a mattress or if you need to get inflatable mattress you can get that too this is a mobile apartment or if you’re just like listen housing has gotten so expensive just buy yourself the expedition and then you can live right out of it.


As for the engine, the brilliant turbo V6 is tremendously smooth and quiet. Well, except when you really gun it, in which case it emits a nice, deep snarl. There’s no uncouth truckish roar here. Whether blasting off the line or passing on the highway, it actually surprises you how quick it can be. That the Platinum has even more power is frankly a bit nutty. The 2021 Ford Expedition is supremely capable when it comes to hauling, towing, or road-tripping.

Its abundance of safety equipment and technology make it an excellent choice for large families or anyone constantly shuttling people and cargo. I think you should definitely give it a try if you are finding an SUV with everything nicely equipped.

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