2021 Ford Mustang Mach E – best electric SUV?

This is the all-new first time 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E, Ford’s first-ever EV to battle the competition, especially from Tesla. There has been a lot of discussion about the future of electric vehicles. Many manufacturers, including Ford, talked about changing their entire product range so that they no longer have an internal combustion engine, but drive with full electric vehicle power.

The Ford was smart enough to use the name Mustang as it has such a rich history and they brought it to the Mustang Mach E to help to give a tough competition in the market and maybe turn it into the vehicle people want to park in their garage. When it comes to this highly competitive game this Mustang Mach E is a very demanding electric vehicle in this challenging field.


The styling of this Mustang Mach E is unique, but it does have some of those Mustang touches to bring in that recognition. Starting at the front of the business you’re going to have a slim headlight housing a little bit of bright metallic silver you can see the direction that they went in with the tri-bar setup of the daytime running lamp so you have the led daytime running lamp with that tri-bar setup that’s meant to be that mustang cue to connect the two led headlights I do like the design I think they went great with how they overall shaped the headlight housing and the overall size. 

There’s no reason for fake vents or anything like that, you’re going to get some flat black trim and a little bit of gloss black trim. In the center area where you would have a grill, there is no grill but they did a great job kind of outlining where a grill would be with the gloss black. You do have a forward-facing camera on this particular Ford Mustang Mach E. We have the mustang badging still not a hundred percent how I feel about calling this Mustang Mach E.

I like the name Mach E really kind of fits into the whole Ford branding and E standing for electricity or electric but it is a good-looking badge. Down you’re going to have some active shutters and then you’ll also notice how they integrated the lip right into the front fascia with a little bit of gloss black that goes all the way along the bottom extends out nicely.

You’re going to notice on this particular Mustang Mach E that they took the gloss black from the bottom and brought it around that fender treatment. I think it works perfectly with the red and then these wheels are specific to this trim there are lots of different wheel options this is going to be optional 19-inch wheels machined aluminum with the gloss black it’s got your Mustang Mach E badge.

There you do have regen braking and I’m impressed with the size of the front caliper. Look at the size of those calipers behind those 19-inch wheels and tires you’re looking at 225 on the width, 55 series sidewall my one concern is I don’t know how this gloss black is gonna wear over time but definitely pops out nicely with the red.

The side is super clean, gloss black on the mirror caps with your turn signals do have 360-degree cameras on here which is nice cameras all the way around very tasteful. With the gloss black along the lower sill, you’ll notice how it kind of curves up and then curves back down as you get towards the rear everything is rounded.

One thing I really want to showcase is the door handle is there is an actual door handle you literally have this little lip for the front door and you hit that button and then the door opens it’s an electric door. Working your way towards the rear I do like the way they have gloss black up top this one does have an optional glass roof.

I think the black like I said works great with the red. Into the rear passenger door just has a single button and that allows you to open the door. I’m glad they didn’t put that little lip because would have killed just the overall flow of the design very small on the quarter window but that’s okay and I love the way the rear pillar just comes into the back. 

I like the way they have a nice gloss black low roof spoiler I wish that they would have tucked the wiper up underneath. I still struggle to call this a Mustang they did one heck of a sexy job with the tri-bar taillights very unique I love the folds and the bends they’re clear with the red led tasteful lighting. There’s your Mustang badge we got one upfront we got to have at the backend.

Way down, superclean no fake exhaust obviously there is exhaustion here but I’m glad they didn’t try to simulate something give it’s quad-tip exhaust or something but you do have your reverse lights down low really going to help illuminate the area behind the vehicle.


The B&O sound system with that same style of speaker grill cover is going to give you that nice clarity to the sound. You do have hard plastic up top and hard plastic in the middle they brought some faux carbon fiber below the AC vents it really looks out of place in this Mustang Mach E.

I think of all the other materials out there especially when we come to 21st-century materials not digging the faux carbon fiber but I am digging the nice soft material here with the red contrast stitching just like on the armrest and then look at what we have taken center stage supersize that is that optional 15 and a half inch infotainment system it looks like it’s taken right out of a tesla product.

They have that same vertical set up it’s kind of stuck to the dash in a really awkward way, to be honest with you because of just how it’s kind of just plastered there with some double-sided tape but it is really large you do have navigation, apple car play, android auto, integrated climate control and of course it’s a full touch screen.

More of that beautiful red contrast stitching I’m really digging what they did here with the material and then of course you’re going to have the rotary selector knob to go through the different gears park, reverse, neutral, and drive. When you throw it into reverse you are going to get a loud chirping beeping sound from the back to alert people and this is a single-speed transmission so there are no simulated gears in the Mustang Mach E.

I love this ActiveX material super soft the perforated stitching the color really supports the body very nicely of course you’re going to get full-electric assist on the passenger and the driver side.

I love the thickness of the steering wheel nice leather all the way around a little bit of gloss black and I’m digging the touch with the two-piece leather on the bottom it kind of elevates the fit feel and the finish horn button is a little bland so whoever’s doing their horn buttons at Ford they need to update their game a little bit they need to bring just a little bit extra style gloss black kind of blends in nicely.

Then, of course, you have the Mustang Mach E logo and then you’re greeted to a 10.2inch digital display for the driver’s side which is wonderful that’s going to give you all the readouts with this particular premium Mustang Mach E.

This is quite impressive there’s some nice space back here even with that low slung roofline and of course, being an EV with the batteries and the motor and the whole nine yards now backs of the seats have that ActiveX material all the way around durable I like it it seems like it’d be easy to clean. You have a decent-sized pocket it’s a little on the tight side.

You do have two great ac vents and a USB c and a USB so they got you covered connectivity-wise. You get plenty of headroom even a six feet tall can have plenty of headroom even with the glass roof my question is on bright summer daylight in the middle of high noon where the sun is right over I don’t know if you’re gonna cook back here that’s the only big question mark that I have.

Trunk Space

Underneath the front, you’re going to see this area four different items. Now this one has this very interesting divider. This divider actually could be removed you could put one in the front area plus you got the rest of the cargo area in the back and this is one of the pluses and not all EV vehicles do this. It’s nice to see ford really think it through when it comes to storage space.

Going to the rear I’m really digging the amount of room. With the rear seats up you’re looking at 29.7 cubic feet of space fold the rear seats down that give you almost 60 cubic feet of space and front-mounted trunk area that’s 4.7 cubic feet of space now what I like how wide the area is and also how tall even with that low sloping roofline into the rear hatch area.

Power Specification

You get different drive modes like engage, whisper, unbridled. Let’s talk about some of the power here so this one has the 88 kilowatts per hour extended battery so that means we go from a range of 230 miles all the way to 300 miles and if you’re looking at horsepower when you go unbridled you’re going 290 horsepower 317 pound-feet of torque and it’s really easy to switch from the different modes very intuitive system.


My final verdict on the Ford Mustang Mach E, should you avoid it, should you consider it, should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well I suggest you should shortlist the Mustang Mach E. It is really a good-looking and premium feeling electric SUV.

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