2021 Mercedes Benz S-class – The best luxury sedan ever!

The new 2021 Mercedes Benz S-class is one of the most luxurious cars in the automotive world and has been the taxi of choice for VIPs around the world for many decades. Let’s see what impact these changes are having on a car that in its previous generation crowned the best luxury sedan lost to the Audi a8.


Starting with the look, the New 2021 Mercedes Benz S-class has now been completely redesigned but still has a smooth finish and subtle shape, but the grille is now so different that it’s not as openly controversial as BMW’s latest efforts, but it is certainly very big. You still get the three-pointed star sitting proudly on the bonnet and this is the only Mercedes product to offer it in the lineup and if you’re worried about bending it or accidentally damaging it then don’t worry because there’s a bit of flex in it

Just like the car itself, the news-class is bigger all around than the one that came before you can buy a short-wheelbase version or one of these long-wheelbase versions and this car is actually more than 5.3meters long the distance between the front wheels and the rear wheels is 3.2 meters which are almost big enough to fit a Kia Picanto in.

At the back, there are new horizontally mounted tail lights that stretch into the boot lid and that’s a first for the s-class another first for the s-class flush door handles now these are standard on every model and they pop out as you approach the car with the key or just when you manually unlock it.

The headlights are actually slimmer than they were before and now as standard, every S-class gets what Mercedes calls digital light so it’s basically made up of three main LEDs which through-refraction create a resolution of 1.3 million pixels per headlight and they can even project things onto the road itself and also they’re very bright.

If you were a big fan of the old-class convertible or S-class coupe, then I have bad news for you because those body styles won’t be reintroduced for this Mercedes Benz S-class in 2021 with a big push from Mercedes towards electrification, it’s stretching the budget is pretty tight, so there is no business justification for bringing these body styles back to the old class in smaller trim levels you get 20 “or 19”.


Now there are loads to discuss in here because you’ve got a very different layout from before so now there’s this 12.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is centrally mounted and rises from the center console here and you’ve also got this 12.3-inch digital driver display very different from the kind of dual-screen layout that Mercedes products have been using of late and I wonder where Mercedes got their inspiration from for this infotainment system.

The Mercedes products of the past few years, some of them have been launched with a really premium look inside and a premium price point, but the build quality has been a bit of a let down on some products but there is no problem with the class here. It’s a real step forward for Mercedes, so the feeling of robustness throughout the interior is particularly nice and the materials feel great, especially this leather, it’s Nappa leather, which is standard in all classes.

It’s good and feels so soft and luxurious and I especially like the steering wheel which is quite thick but still very soft, it’s almost like driving with a pillow but that other big thing about the interior is that it really comes alive at night so it has 250 LEDs for ambient interior lighting and it really looks like some kind of futuristic spaceship runner sword that you are in and you have 10 color combinations in 64 different ones colors and everything adds up to something that feels really special and luxurious.

Unsurprisingly, there is a ton of new technology out there too. So when you get into the car, you can recognize it by your fingerprint, voice, or facial recognition and then upload your driver profile which includes your driving position, your favorite radio station and various other configured settings. for you, which is cool and not common in cars, but phones have been doing fingerprint and facial recognition functions like this for years, so it’s more of a gimmick than something really groundbreaking so it’ll likely just be turned off.

As for the 2021 Mercedes Benz S-class infotainment system, the graphics are really sharp and the system is responsive, but it’s mounted relatively low on the dash so you often have to look away from the road to operate it, the trackpad, and the dial from earlier are abandoned been. Too bad yes there is a voice command system to operate the functions but it’s a bit inconsistent and often very frustrating.

The space in the back is ridiculously generous it’s even bigger than it was before not by much but still, anyone of any shape or any size should be able to get really really comfortable back here, and its especially nice having these padded headrests as well you’ve still got the adjustment here with these weird buttons that you think might move but don’t move and generally, it just feels very calming massively spacious and extremely luxurious.

While you have a ton of luxury and gear in the back of the class, you can get a tablet, rear screens, and massage seats, but you have to go for the higher-end Executive models to get all of that. The new Mercedes Benz S-class 2021 also has airbags that deploy from the back of the front seats.

Boot Space

The boot is massive at 550 liters it’s 20 liters bigger even than it was before and it’s not like the s-class has ever had a particularly small boot there are a few practical limitations so you can’t fold down the rear seats but it does still have a ski hatch mean that you can put extra-long items through there and because it’s a saloon rather than a hatchback it means it doesn’t actually have a slightly narrow not very tall opening at the front where there’s also quite a big lip too but still for a limo this is an extremely practical boot.

Engine specification & Pricing

The 2021 Mercedes Benz S-class so you get the S-500 which is what this car is and it has a three-liter straight-six turbo petrol with 435 horsepower then there’s an S350d with a 2.9-liter turbo diesel straight-six with 286 horsepower than the S400d which has a 2.9-liter straight-six turbo diesel with 330horsepower then there’s the 580ewhich has a three-liter straight-six turbo petrol plus an electric motor for510 horsepower and thanks to its 28-kilowatt hour battery pack it has an electric-only range of 64 miles then eventually there will be an S63 model with a twin-turbo V8 with over 600 horsepower now all S cutters get a nine-speed automatic gearbox and air suspension as standard.


The new 2021 Mercedes Benz S-class should you avoid it, should you consider it, should you shortlist it, or should you just go ahead and buy it? Well, if you’re looking for a luxury limousine, I think you should just go ahead and buy it.

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