2021 Toyota Camry XSE – Better than the Honda Accord

2021 Toyota Camry XSE

The top selling vehicles off all time to talk about this is a 2021 updated refresh changed up 2021 Toyota Camry XSE the Hybrid trim. The history of the Camry believe it or not it wasn’t the Camry that was sold first. It was the smaller corolla the Camry did not hit the streets until late in 1983. Camry was a little late to the party the Honda Accord was first that was 1976 but boy have things changed since then no longer is there a lot of focus on sedans. They know that this Camry is still a top seller now there is some new competition leapfrogged and jumped over in front of the rivals.


If you know your Toyota trims you would know that that is the sportier of the trims and what’s nice is you can have the sporty appearance but you still have the choices of engines underneath the hood. Now you’re going to get a new headlight housing daytime running lamps of course you’re still going to have the led headlights so there’s a new style led daytime running lamp. I like the look gives it a nice signature quality to it and at night it really like you could see it from a mile away that something is different.

Down towards the bumper you do have this large fake vent area which I am not going to appreciate on an XSE trim I wish they would have done something make it a functional side air curtain I’m not talking about cooling brakes or anything like that but at least make it a functional side air vent. You get a lower lip spoiler and then as of course you’re gonna still get that same iconic badge in the centre.

The style continues, you can see we have a nice multi-spoke gloss black wheel i’m liking the style of the wheel especially with the silver colour trim. The size of this 19-inch wheel i think that’s just big enough. You have a low 40 series sidewall on it so it’s surprising that they went so low on a non-TRD Camry but it’s a 19 inch wheel and you’re looking at 235 on the width of course it’s still front wheel drive but you can get believe it or not in an all-wheel drive. 

As we work our way towards the back end you are going to get tasteful trunk mounted spoiler nothing too crazy but it gives it a nice little extra element of design I’m still digging what they’ve done with the tail lights especially how far it wraps in and around the one thing I’m not digging is the fake vent on the side but you can see they went for a little bit extra width make it a little functional.

Then when we get to the bottom portion what i do like about the XSE trim you’re going to get dual exhaust you also get a quad tip exhaust I love the way they’re staggered they’re fully functional even the way that they did the Camry badge it’s tasteful very 21st century in the font design and a clear simple simulated rear diffuser.

Engine specification

The 3.5 litre V6 is paired exclusively with front-wheel drive and the eight-speed automatic. It produces a whopping 301 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque. Unlike some turbocharged engines that require premium fuel to achieve max performance, the Camry’s V6 runs on regular. Fuel economy is still strong at 22 mpg city, 33 mpg highway and 26 mpg combined for the XLE. The XSE gets 22/32/26, and the TRD trim brings up the rear at 22/31/25.

Finally, the Camry Hybrid uses a pair of electric motors in conjunction with a four-cylinder engine. Together, they produce a combined 208 hp. By comparison, a Prius produces a mere 121 hp, yet the Camry achieves nearly the same fuel economy. The Camry Hybrid LE trim level returns 51 mpg city, 53 mpg highway and 52 mpg combined. The other trims are 44/47/46, a difference that isn’t as significant as the numbers make it seem.


The door panels a lot of dark material but the good news isa lot of soft material i do like the way they made a decent attempt to be a little stylish by taking the silver from the door handle to open up the door and then making it into some trim you do have some soft armrests with some white contrast stitching. The bad news is very small door pocket it can bearly fit a water bottle.

Coming to the dash, still has the same soft material I love this design that did not look like faux carbon fibre but definitely better than just gloss black. Everywhere soft touch with the white contrast stitching just like on the door panels. They also offered a 9 inch touch screen infotainment system.

I do like the way they attempted to integrate it a little bit better on this 2021 Camry just sticks up a little bit at the steering wheel but you know what you have apple car-play you have android auto and a built in navigation. The integrated ac vents very clean finish. You do have a dual climate control. The hole setup looks really nice better than the older version thanks to the 9 inch touch screen infotainment system. You do have a usb a 12 volt wireless charging pad with a hidden storage under it.

This is the eight-speed automatic no cvt it’s got some nice leather around the gear shifter. You have your three drive modes a sport, normal and eco. then you get a cup holders. You do have a heated seats no ventilated seats and i’m going to let the ventilated seats slide aside because of the price point msrp 37,700.

You’re gonna get that soft texture that they call that faux leather like it soft a little bit of this micro fibre suede just to bring a little bit of glance to the seat but really nice comfortable nothing crazy on the bolstering it is electric assist for the passenger and the driver.

You get the same exact Toyota steering wheel I wish they would do something a little different to the steering wheel. The thickness is great easy to understand you got all your safety features it is manual tilting and telescoping and you do have paddle shifters on the back of the steering wheel. The instrument cluster it looks classy i like the white needles on the analog gauges which and then you have that seven inch display in there that you could toggle through a bunch of information.

This Camry XSE and you know what’s leading the way really with a ton of room you know so these midsize sedans offer so much room but the Camry does a great job giving you a ton of room. You get a rear ac vents which are easy to operate and then look like what they gave us two usb. Then a super soft big arm rest.


The trunk offers 15.1 cubic-feet of space, which is less than an Accord, a Sonata or VW Passat. In comparison to the Accord in particular, the trunk is a bit narrower and not as deep. However, that says more about those other sedans than the Camry.

The trunk’s still really big, with enough room for four roller bags and plenty left over. It should also be noted that the all-wheel-drive and hybrid Camry models have the same trunk space as the regular front-drive versions, but the hybrid’s back seat is a smidgen higher since the battery resides underneath. This difference is unlikely to be noticed.


Though 2021 Camry starts from $33,715 (base)/$37,405 (as tested). This 2021 Toyota Camry good to see some updates nice to see some changes especially the infotainment system it do really standout in the mid-size sedan segment of the auto industry you better bet your bottom dollar and if you are looking at a mid-size you’re not going to want to forget about the Camry. It is definitely a great buy.

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