Ducati Panigale V2 – Ultimate track motorcycle on the street.

Ducati Panigale V2

Ducati Panigale V2, so it started with the 748 in 1994 and then the 848, the 899, the 959 and now this is the Ducati paginate v2. Technically a fully grown litre class sports motorcycle. Ducati called the v2 their middle weight and for a good reason that it sits below the manic panigale v4 which can be a handful if you’re not an experienced rider that is where the way to slots itself and that is where the way to make so much more sense especially on the street.


It is the successor like i said to the 959. The bodywork has been extensively over hauled. It gets a frowsy face from the v4 and the air ducts are under the headlamps. It gets a pointy tail from the v4, a single-sided swing arm like the v4 an under slang exhaust pipe. Thankfully like the v4 because the older 959 had a dual stack system which did not look so great and it’s also missing the scary looking wings that the higher spec v4 comes with which is pretty much a simple way of telling these two apart.

The dimensions of the wheels of the new Ducati Panigale V2, front – 120/70 ZR17 and rear – 180/60 ZR17 which helps to make the ride comfortable more than the previous generation.

The dash is new very crisp very easy to navigate through to find the settings that you’re looking for. The brakes well the brakes are blessed by the gods of brakes it can stop on a dime or a coin i’m sorry but that’s how the saying goes.

Engine Specification & Suspension

It is the same 955cc engine but it now makes 155 horsepower and 104 newton meters of torque which is more power and more torque. I mean why Ducati did not do this before, anyway this upgrade to the power figures has come about through the slight changes made to the engine as to how the fuel is fed to it and by those made to the air box chase which improve the air intake and also the exit of the exhaust gases.

The most important thing that needs to be said is that the engine gets really hot. The engine could run hot which is understandable but then Ducati went on and put 2 catalytic convertor under the seat. I’m sure the Ducati must have a very good reason to put it there probably the two one two one exhaust system with two catalytic have something to do with it.

But what that does that not so long ride will end up making a pan cake of your legs and it’s not even about being stuck in slow moving traffic, the faster you go the hotter it gets. Now i’m not sure if Ducati was being funny with this but the thing is you tend not to care about the burns because you’re having so much fun as you go faster.

The suspension setup is similar to the previous model but one big change that Ducati have made is that the rear shock is 2 mm longer which overall raises the ride height by 5 mm. The 959 was in itself one of the great handling sport spikes and now these little changes here and there which can improve handling on the v2 a little bit more.


Though the updated Ducati Panigale V2 2021 and specially the engine it really makes to add it to the wish list. At the price range of $16,495 USD / $18,995 CAD is worth what it is offered. As there are some heating issues but I am pretty sure that this beast won’t let you down on every miles you go.

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