Kawasaki H2R – World’s fastest production motorcycle.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

The Kawasaki H2R brings to the table the most effective Kawi must supply at the side of top-hole mechanics and a supercharged engine on prime of a full electronics suite creating it a threat on the track right out of the box.

That’s concerning the sole place it’s a threat although, since the Kawasaki H2R is much too awe-inspiring to be street legal, and as a track-only bike, it wastes not an oz on any silly previous mirrors, headlights, or flip signals. Carbon-fiber parts complete the package with their own complete of light-weight strength.


Far from being an exercise in subtlety, The Kawasaki H2R is one Kawi product that leaves observers little doubt on its nature. It starts out with a cut-down and cut-out front fender that doubles as a guard for the swept-wing space of the inverted front forks and a fairing to guide the flow round the stems, thereby lowering the induced drag.

The gnarly-looking front fairing is dominated by a try of intake scoops. The scoops shunt pressurised air from the entry back through a carbon-fiber duct back to the compressor recess on the left facet of the bike. Carbon fiber is the material of selection for the front fairing similarly because the quartet of spoilers that give ample downforce when below means at speed to stay the front wheel planted and its contact patch well engaged with the tarmac.

A fighter jet-like bubble screen rounds off the pinnacle of the fairing with Kawi’s River mark logo because the simplest adornment at the Kawasaki H2R’s visage. A pair of cheek fairings make bigger downward to finish the fairing and shroud the radiator whilst accentuating the all-up-the front look. As for instrumentation, a spherical analog gauge presentations the revs with a shadeation LCD screen that can provide the opposite pertinent metrics and a hoop of LED indicator lights to wrap it up.

The tach has a blackout heritage with illuminated orange numerals that mild up because the needle passes them on its manner up the variety for a groovy visible effect. In addition to the same old metrics, the show consists of a lean-attitude indicator and a raise gauge that racers may also in the long run discover useful. A pair of dead-brief manage bars mount without delay to the top tripleclamp to drag you ahead over the 4.5-gallon gasoline tank right into a most-competitive posture that leaves no opportunity of pushing off to discover an upright driving position.

An underslung LED taillight gives the simplest illumination at the Kawasaki H2R with a swing arm-mount hugger to finish the rear fling control.

It begins off evolved out with variable-thickness metal tubing at the Ninja H2 R, and every member turned into exactly sized for energy and flexion earlier than being welded-as much as shape the Trellis-fashion structure. The steerage head units a rake perspective of 25.1 stages with 4.3 inches of path to fall out at the nimble give up of the spectrum. Plus, it rocks a dynamic Öhlins steerage damper that combats kickback and electronically adjusts itself in keeping withvelocity so it’ll routinelyhold itself in that candy spot for you.Up the front, inverted 43 mm Kayaba AOS-II forksdeal withcommercial enterprise with the equal trio of changesbecause the rear shock.

Air and oil are stored segregated in the stems to supply a gentle preliminary stroke that companies up appreciably towards the lowest with a DLC coating to holding friction low. Suspension journey measures in at 4.7 inches up the front and 5.3 inches out again. New for this year are the Brembo Stylema anchors up the front that rock 4 30 mm pistons in an adversarial configuration.

They chunk big 330 mm discs to supply the goods, and out again, a twin-pot Brembo calliper clamps a 250 mm disc with Kawasaki’s Intelligent Anti-lock Brake System that provides rider-pleasant remarks and minimum pulse-returned feel.

Frame:Trellis, high-tensile steel, with swingarm mounting plate
Front Suspension Travel:43 mm inverted fork with adjustable rebound and compression damping, spring preload adjustability and top-out springs/4.7 in
Rear Suspension Travel:Uni-Trak, Öhlins TTX36 gas charged shock with piggyback reservoir, 22-way compression and rebound damping and adjustability, and hand-turn spring preload adjustability and top-out spring/5.3 in
Rake :25.1°/4.3 in
Front Tire:120/70 ZR17 Bridgestone V01F slick
Rear Tire:190/65 ZR17 Bridgestone V01R slick
Front Brakes:Dual radial-mount, opposed 4-piston Brembo Stylema calipers, dual semi-floating 330 mm discs, KIBS ABS
Rear Brakes:Opposed 2-piston calipers, single 250 mm disc, KIBS ABS

Engine Specification

It makes for a strong air-fuel charge, and manages to by some means hold the compressed air cool sufficient to forestall the need for a heavy/clunky intercooler to attract extra warmness off the charge. The pistons are forged in place of cast and include small voids engineered in to lessen the reciprocating weight, and they arrive partnered with balanced connecting rods and a light-weight crankshaft/flywheel to assist it spool up with the quickness.

A pair of oil jets shower the lowest of every piston crown to attract warmness far from that crucial area, and the deep oil sump is constructed to assist switch warmness to the environment and to hold the pump pickup submerged to cast off cavitation, even below tough acceleration/deceleration and cornering.

There’s an Engine Brake Control that facilitates restrict the back-torque within-side the machine subsidised up through a slipper-kind clutch for double the anti-hop protection, and a Launch Control Mode that facilitates you nail your hole shots. The Kawasaki Cornering Management function bundles all of it collectively in numerous mixtures relying on conditions. On the straights, the wheelie manipulate and traction manipulate are the primary contributors.

As you scrub pace beforehand of a turn, the engine brake manipulate and the pitch manipulate kick in to boom balance and safety. Once you byskip the apex, the traction/wheelie manipulate kicks returned in together with a sliding manipulate to hold you from pulling a lowsider because of an overenthusiastic and constructive proper wrist. The sliding manipulate switches itself off as quickly as you straighten up to depart most effective the traction/wheelie manipulate engaged till the following turn.

That’s quite a few technical information, however I realise you’re probable ready on the lowest line, so right here it is: the H2 R generates 121.5 pound-ft of torque at 12,500 rpm (shaft), that is magnificent sufficient in its very own proper, however it’s the three hundred firkin’ horsepower that takes the cake. That’s proper sports activities fans, three hundred ponies, and it grew to become in a pinnacle pace of 209.442 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Engine:4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, supercharged
Displacement:998 cc
Compression Ratio:8.3:1
Maximum Torque:121.5 lb-ft @ 12,500 rpm
Fuel System:DFI with 50 mm throttle bodies (4) with dual injection
Transmission:6-speed, return, dog-ring
Final Drive:Sealed chain


Going through all the specifications of these motorcycle, who can resist this beast?, I bet no one, but the big thing laying to get this is its price which cost msrp $55,000 only. Since this is the worlds fastest production motorcycle, this motorcycle is not a street legal bike yeah you can get it but you can only use it on track or you can have this beast at your home parked as a masterpiece.

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