KTM 890 Adventure – Best adventure motorcycle in 2021?


If the best places are the toughest to reach, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE is the right machine to take you there. Boasting a new engine with increased capacity and added performance, this is a serious travel-capable offroad motorcycle ready for extreme escapes off the beaten track. Using its vas trace knowledge and experience, KTM delivers a real-world package aimed at the rider who wants to explore the outer limits of every adventure.


Beautiful design typical orange colours honestly guys here in front of you KTM 790 adventure and KTM 890 adventure you won’t be able to find any differences there are some but mostly with the electronics I don’t think that they’ve got some kind of external changes the same shape the same tank some people love it some hate it I won’t say anything at the moment it’s not everyone style of motorcycle but I won’t say that it is bad looking bike depends on the on the person to person.

21 inch front wheel 18 on the back. It doesn’t matter that it’s a standard version it’s also have21 inch. The suspension is a little bit different it has double p suspension but this one is apex which is 43 millimetres. It’s a little bit weaker than the R version and it has a less suspension travel of about 200 mm.

It has got a redesigned tail light. The front it’s about the same because this is a standard version it has a little taller windscreen. Plastic hunt protectors which has good quality, but if you tend to go off roading you might need to change it. The tank with plastic protectors, they might protect they might not.

It has very powerful brakes 320 millimetres on the front 260 on the back it has a traction control, abs and many more different features. It comes with the guards for the radiator which is good otherwise you have to buy it also has a brush plate maybe it’s enough. Two level seats which is beautiful. The cover is really nice it’s not slippery which is good,KTM logo at the end.

The rack here it’s it’s good size if you like top boxes you have more than enough space if you don’t you can put your other luggage here these handles are the same as the 790. What is different with this I’m not sure that they haven’t got it on 790 but it has quick shifter and it is not like the normal quick shifters here electronic quick shifter which is already designed in the engine.

Nice wide handlebar, 28 millimetre which is good. Same controls very simple nothing fancy the brake liver has a cable not a pump which is a minus for some people plus for another whatever you like this comes standard with cruise control which was additional in the old version. The TFT display, I don’t think that there is some kind of changes with the old model.

Engine specification

The KTM 790 Adventure formed a robust basis for KTM engineers to begin their search to offer much more, while still maintaining that resourcefulness and confidence-inspiring handling. The new 889cc LC8c engine is 90cc larger than the 790 model. It is a parallel twin, 4-stroke, DOHC liquid cool engine which produces 105hp and 100Nm of torque with a 6 gear transmission. According to KTM, the result is a bike that can corner in the twists, and carry all your camping gear, plus a passenger with less effort. The KTM 890 Adventure also comes with a refined and stronger clutch to cope with the boosted performance.


A range of KTM PowerPart upgrades means that Cruise Control (with the handlebar switch now provided as standard), a Quick-shifter + (with optimised settings), heated seat and grips together with a wide compliment of luggage options widens the travel potential of the KTM 890 Adventure even more. This what is offered in msrp $13,099 which I think this makes the bike to be shortlisted.

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