Lexus LC500 2021 – What makes it a $1,00,000 worth car

Lexus LC500 2021 - Autospacex

This is the new Lexus LC500 2021 convertible. You see your chances of ever seeing one of these in the world is super rare part of the reason for that is that these kind of big convertibles are sort of dying breed if you are one of the few people actually considering one of these you’re probably also looking at something like a BMW m850i convertible or a Jaguar f-type convertible so this Lexus LC500 2021 it starts from just over 1,00,000 dollar no wonder they’re rare.


The hourglass shape for the grille looks absolutely fantastic especially against the red. We have this darker colour for the grille itself and then a chrome trim surrounding it separating it from that red. You would love how the upper section of this weave becomes tighter as well as you get to the lower section it also protrudes inwards just a little bit and the openings get a little bit larger as well to provide more cooling to vital components that are up front.

You’ll also notice with the Lexus badge right in the centre we have more of that dark chrome trim surrounding the logo and this is also a forward-facing sensor so it’s really nice how Lexus has incorporated that so it doesn’t break up the grill anywhere else in the front end design. You also get forward-facing sensors on each side in the body coloured work and then making our way up to the headlight housing.

In this area here we have the triple beams for the led headlights which really looks cool and the way it has been shaped of this DRL it flows nicely with the bodywork here and we have some more bodywork and some darker finishes separating the DRLs as well and then we have the turn signals running on the outer section so you would love the overall design everything is very sleek.

We have 19 inch wheels in all four corners with a really nice two-tone design integrated black inserts within every other spoke just gives it a cool look and then there’s also the performance breaks that you see just behind the rim. The side mirrors now you’ll see there’s a three-tone design to them we have the body coloured red along with chrome and gloss black along with the integrated turn signal which is a great touch to see. 

I love this huge flat rear deck and the little ducktail spoiler. The light design is incredible as well and when they’re on you get this 3d effect i’m not skinning this like fake exhaust element here and these are just exhaust surrounds because in there are the actual pipes but at least you do have actual exhaust pipes it’s not as bad as they might have on an out or a Mercedes.


We have very nice door handles that are flush with the body work so as soon as you unlock the car the door handle pops out, go ahead and open up the door where now we can take a look at this door panel where you’ll see it’s covered in leather there’s a really nice brushed chrome trim piece separating the leather on the top section with this cool pattern on the insert.

Just behind it you’ll also notice there’s more of that brush trim on the release handle we have a little bit more chrome in that same design just giving it a nice flowing look you’ll see more leather on the armrest. Moving on to these brown leather seats although Lexus makes the best seats out of any manufacturers. You’ll see the really nice design running throughout the bolsters have really nice support to them as well and they are heated and ventilated seats.

The infotainment system now the screen is big however the way you control it is absolute nightmare you have to use this touch pad here. Especially when you’re driving and anyway the infotainment system itself with the layout and the menus is it’s crap. It’s got android auto, apple CarPlay. Let’s move on to the dials because they are way better they’re digital dials and they look really cool but there’s this actual mechanical bit in it which when you press the button above the call button.

The view it slides over to the side to give you more information that is absolutely brilliant is it as cool as an Audi’s graphical display yes it’s what you call it it’s information it gives you as good not quite and the overall infotainment system isn’t as good as you get in the BMW. to turn off the traction or switch the driving modes, scrollers given on the both side of the dashboard which is really practical and easy to use.

The rear seats are absolutely not comfortable even a small child will find it difficult to occupy there. I think you could only use this seats for keep things which you bought while shopping rather than seating. It’s awful no head room back rest really upright it’s horrible back here it’s even worse than a Bentley continental gt convertible.


Around here they’re not hiding stuff on this Lexus i’ll tell you it’s just here yeah it’s like a little bit press it go into the boot and you’ll see that it’s not very big all you got is149 litres of space that’s pretty much the same size that you get in the front boot the fruit and a Porsche 911 cabriolet.

Engie Specification

It has got a five litre v8 it’s got 464 horsepower and 530 Nm torque and it drives the rear wheels only via a 10 speed automatic gearbox and because the engine is naturally aspirated no turbo charger or anything like that it sounds epic. Lexus says this car do not just 60 miles an hour in five seconds.


Should Lexus lc 500 convertible should do ignore, consider, wishlist it or should you just go ahead and buy it. Well if you’re one of the few people in the market for this type of car then all back just go right ahead and buy it what are you waiting for it’s beautiful on the outside on the inside it’s lovely to drive and that wonderful naturally aspirated v8 is a thing that really clinches the deal.

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