Mercedes Vision AVTR – Future Mercedes with NO steering wheel

Vision AVTR, Mercedes-Benz’s most futuristic cars that they have ever designed and created and perhaps the one that is the most forward-thinking not only in the way that it’s designed the body, the wheels, the way the cabin is something very exclusive and special the which has been clearly inspired by the movie avatar of James Cameron’s. This is one of the coolest Mercedes concept cars in the world.

Mercedes Vision AVTR is something that is completely different from what you would have seen before in a concept car and when you look at something like this you really do think well is it actually going to work and on the face of it it doesn’t really look like it does it but this is actually a drivable car.


I really appreciate kind of how Mercedes has designed the various bits of this in conjunction with not only with the movie but nature and this idea of the future and forward-thinking just a quick reminder of the other awesome concept cars that Mercedes have put out in recent times now I do love Mercedes-Benz to my core I am like a little bit biased about this but I absolutely love for.

The face should in fact look very familiar to you because that is the face of the EQ family first seen in the EQC but more recently seen in the EQS in its gorgeous form I believe that is the face of EQ so that is unmistakable and you’ll notice the lines as you get in closer next to the lighted star and you’re going to see lines like this all over the car it’s kind of like a theme of how the car is powered how it’s powerful how it’s kind of sucking power from nature. The paint finish is very similar to aluminum silver as you would have seen on the SLS of old.

Beautiful wheels now these are based on the wood sprites from avatar and as you can see in the standard form they kind of glow blue which is really quite interesting and they can do all sorts of interesting things. They do show different elements as well. Now, of course, this lighted star is in the middle as well and what I found really interesting is in fact the tire which is not your traditional tire. Mercedes Vision AVTR brings an interesting interior you’re very much connected to the interior even outside of the car you see so much of it and it’s this concept of linking the outside world in nature with the internal occupants.

The flaps waking up is so awesome. If you think of the old Mercedes concepts be pretty familiar we’ve got a lighted rear Mercedes star. Well, you can see how the ambient lighting kind of hits the floor almost like a welcome light as well which is awesome, more interesting about these flaps is they serve many purposes for example aerodynamic purposes you can imagine them being used to increasing downforce but also let’s say if you’re braking the car they turn red like a brake light and so do the wheels which are again incredible.

It’s good safety it looks great but it also has a function as well as these again inspired by nature the and below the brake light I don’t know what would you call it a diffuser but you’ve got these flowing energy lines and these increase in speed the faster you’re going again it’s kind of a signal to the rest of the world what’s happening and really stunning really something that we haven’t seen before. 


The Mercedes Vision AVTR has the same typical ambient lighting as you find even in today’s Mercedes-Benz cars but this is a very special interior. You can see a very concept car probably not all that practical in reality but what this shows is a two-plus-two arrangement in a fairly sporty looking car. We’ve got Alcantara-type leather race texture on the seats of Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR.

If you’re into your Porsches so that is what this material here is but more interesting than the rear material of the seat is made of dead fishes essentially it’s all recycled. The footrest floor is not real wood it does give a very nice kind of boat-like finish that you find in a really expensive yacht. Then there’s so much rose gold everywhere even the hinges of the door and the footrest is nicely detailed.

In this Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR, everything is run by this center merged controller. That’s what they call it because it merges the driver with the vehicle. To wake up, the car all you need to do is bring the hand close to the merged controller it senses your approach and raises with an energy transfer effect and there you see the world of Avatar on the curved display.

When it comes to change the screen the engineers and other supporting teams did a fabulous job by projecting the buttons on the palm and to select you just have to close and reopen the palm, the projected button turns red, and the display changes. It is truly futuristic and delivers a unique driving experience.

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