New Audi Q5 2021 – Better than BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC

Audi Q5 2021
Audi Q5 2021

This is the new Audi Q5 2021 and already I know what some of you are thinking, hang on a minute doesn’t this look like the existing q5? You’re not entirely wrong the changes from the outside at least are pretty subtle but rest assured this is a comprehensive facelift there’s a lot more going on underneath this car and in the cabin that Audi hopes will keep it competitive with its premium rivals BMW X3. Let’s take a closer look. The Q5 range for 2021 will start off with three variants and audi has switched up the naming conventions this time around the base variant is now simply called the Q5.

It can be chosen with either a 2-litre turbo diesel 40 tdi engine or a 2-litre turbo petrol 45 tfsi engine. While it’s slightly more expensive than the out going car equipment levels have also taken a significant hike there’s full led lighting finally the brand has gotten rid of xenon headlights and the plastic guards from the previous base car have also been dumped.

The mid-grade car is called the sport. It can be chosen with the same two engine options as the base car and mainly adds more premium items into the mix including 20-inch wheels a panoramic sunroof auto dimming rear wing mirrors and a slew of other stuff on the inside which we’ll get to later the range will eventually be topped off with the s-line with the price listed above.

Audi Q5 S-line

This car is powered by a diesel v6 only and comes with a more aggressive look but isn’t set to arrive until later in the year price-wise Audi has intentionally placed the q5 as a value offering against its nemesis suv’s from rival germans. The equivalent variants in the q5 range all have starting prices lower than that of the Mercedes-Benz glc or BMWs x3.


Now as said the changes are pretty subtle from the outside but we’ll walk you through what’s changed here. There’s a set of new grilles depending on the grade chosen there’s a new set of led light clusters and both those help keep the q5in line with more recently launched Audi models like the q3 and q8. Then as in standard with most model year updates you have a choice of new alloy wheels and this highlight strip here has changed as well it’s now full paint and even on the base car that used to be plastic it’s now full paint too.

So a few subtle changes that really lift the face of this car up a bit. Round the back and the changes are even more subtle again with just this detail strip running across the boot lid but also for this model year every single q5 has an automated tailgate.

Inside here it’s much more of a radical change it’s much more of a tech fest and that’s what Audi really needs it to be to keep up to date with all of its rivals pride of place here is a new 10.1 inch multimedia touchscreen and that’s standard across the range is the dreadful software from previous cars and it’s now got the new software also seen in the q3 and it even has wireless apple CarPlay but sorry android auto users it’s wired only for that also always impressive is that virtual instrument cluster.

Those digital instrument elements and they’re always really good we’re always really impressed with how it works and looks and it’s even more customisable for this version of the q5 with several different themes as well also be cause you’ve got much better software and you can control the car’s functions much more easily through the touch screen Audi’s been able to clean up this centre console before it was very busy they’ve gotten rid of that weird touchpad thing now there’s a few more storage areas and the brand has even managed to add a wireless charger to go with that wireless car-play.

Audi even says it’s upgraded the leather appointed trim in here so it’s more comfortable than it was before i do have to say though the design inhere is starting to look a little bit dated a little bit conservative compared to some of its rivals and that’s not to say that Audi hasn’t done a good job in here upgrading everything it’s more a reflection on how good its newer designs are in cars like the q3and q8 with that rhomboid design that just works its way through it’s just something that this car has missed out on this time.

In the back here and not a whole lot has changed for this model year the seat trim sort of continues with that upgraded look and feel although I was hoping for a little bit more padding for under thigh support and you do sit a little bit upright as well. As you can see I have quite a comfortable amount of knee room and also headroom even with the panoramic sunroof on the back of the centre console you get two adjustable air vents with a lock off and they get their own climate zone which is also really good for rear passengers.

Audi’s upgraded it so there are now two usb ports to match the 12 volt port back here but i’ve got to say this raised centre transmission tunnel here to support that all-wheel drive system is noticeably prominent it’s really high and that’s not going to be great if you’re putting an adult in the centre seat.


Practicality is generally great with large bottle holders in the front doors a big centre console with that adjustable wireless phone charger and that hides two more bottle holders underneath there are also extra storage trays in that reworked centre console rear seat passengers also get large bottle holders in the doors netted pockets on the backs of the front seats and a set of bottle holders in the leather appointed drop down armrest console boot space comes in at a healthy 520 litres. The standard motorised tailgate is a welcome upgrade for this year and the two litre Audi Q5 2021 both had space saver spares under the floor.

Engine specifications

To finally cover off this car’s changes for the Audi Q5 2021 model year the engines have received a bit of at weak that 2-litre 40 tdi diesel engine now has a smidge less power while the 2-litre 45 tfsi petrol has received a mild upgrade both now have what’s referred to as a mild hybrid system featuring a 12 volt lithium ion battery helping to boost the starter motor smoothing out the stop start system and increasing coasting time by switching the engine off at higher speeds.

Both features seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmissions the s line has a tweaked 3-litre turbo diesel v6 with a more powerful 48 volt mild hybrid system. Of that all Audi Q5 2021 are all-wheel drive by default and send drive to all wheels instead of just the fronts most of the time like some on-demand systems. Audi says the system only switches down to two-wheel drive in the most ideal of circumstances like when you’re coasting on the freeway or asking for very little throttle.


On the active safety front of the Audi Q5 2021 now have auto emergency braking lane keep assist with lane departure warning blind spot monitoring rear cross traffic alert safe exit warning driver attention alert and auto high beams adaptive cruise control auto park assist and a 360degree camera suite as well as a more advanced version offered collision warning and manoeuvring assist are standard on all but the base q5. However this car can add those as part of the assistance pack the q5 safety complement also include side airbags and as this is a face lift it will maintain its maximum five star and cap safety rating it received in 2017.


The overall impression of the new Audi Q5 2021 is that Audi has worked largely behind the scenes to tweak little details that add up overall for a more appealing mid-sized luxury suv package more importantly they’ve breathed new life and a little bit of high-end technology into a nameplate that was once looking a little bit like it might have been left behind what do you think has Audi done enough to add to the q5?

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