The new 2022 Honda Civic – worth the price?

This is the new 2022 Honda Civic, specifically the Touring model, but before we dive into this new, 11th generation of its compact sedan, let’s talk about what’s going on here. Honda, they have built amazing vehicles that really stand out. Proof of time for so many years Honda Civic 1973 was the first year it came to our shores. This really was one of those epic cars back in the ’70s that made people change their minds about Japanese branded vehicles.

The news about the civic is that it’s gotten a little bit larger still a compact sedan but that’s going to be a good thing because it’s really going to amaze you what they’ve done to the interior and also the exterior styling.


What improves the overall value and price is that you get standard LED headlights on all fairings, from the Touring model’s LED daytime running lights to the Touring model’s LED daytime running lights, which now obviously have all been redesigned that they did it at the top of the business.

For the 2022 Honda Civic, not only did they clean up the style but I like the flat black that I feel from the price perspective, that will wear out a lot better over time. it gives it a sportier look and that was something Honda wanted to rework. They have LED lights that go with these headlights, nice to see the touring model and the way they picked up the body is very very tasteful in the corners.

That whole front end, you’ve got your Honda badge in the past, that would be a chrome strip, this would be a glossy black trim, you’d love the body color paint job, you have the fully functional Flat Black and you can see that compound with who they go.

If you look at the competition they tried to make it look cleaner but still keep that sporty feel, and definitely that lower grill area hits a lot of those criteria, now that we’re on the clean hood, the name of the game is you just have simple body lines that rise straight up to the pillars, the bonnet is lower and the nose actually pushes the pillar back a little to give it a particularly sporty appearance.

This 2022 Honda Civic has different wheel options, choose a touring trim, this is an 18-inch wheel. So keep in mind that what you get in the touring fit is a steel wheel, there is also a 17-inch wheel, but it’s I have 16, 17 that beautiful aluminum 18-inch wheel machine, that sharp gray metal cover I really think it works fine with the touring fairing and then if you’re wondering, right Joe, is it still the front wheel? The front-wheel-drive remains true to the legacy from 1973 and of course this reliability.

Even gloss blacked turn signals built into the mirrors were going to get something bright metalwork only on the top now you might think that that’s a negative but I think it helps balance out the side of the vehicle because you’re going to get these low the lower beltline the body line down on the bottom portion the way they did the sill extension really shows a more mature look and I mean that in a very very good way from the side of the vehicle touring trim has a sunroof so consider that.

It’s been just cleaned up like what they did with the led brake lights you got your fog lower portion the civic badge looking great the honda badge has never looked better touring trim that is that top trim remember it all starts with LX trim. 

The good news is that the Honda has kept the rear bumper simple in this new 2022 Honda Civic, really works well when we’re trying to clean up the overall style just a little bit of flat black but definitely not as you know many edges hard edges as the 10th generation.

Engine Specifications

You see a little more horsepower than 180hp 177 pound-feet of torque is paired with a CVT that has been refined 0-60, not the fastest you’re looking for about 8 seconds 0-60 top speed 137 mph weighs 3077 pounds, the turbo generates enough boost to have 16 1/2 pounds of boost. mpg guess what we actually got a bit more in town you see 31 town and 38 mpg on the highway the brake discs are 11.1 inches in diameter up front and like I said when it comes to flexibility you have motor options. If you are expecting a manual transmission, the weight will be gone pretty soon.


Inside the 2022 honda civic touring trim once again I know you’ve had many sleepless nights trying to figure out how much is the civic touring for 2022 guess what no price increase from the 10th generation for 2021. so what you’re looking at is an MSRP right around 29,900.

Let me point out some things to the door panel that I really like what they’ve done with the trim especially all over the door panel but especially around the switchgear they use this new texture it fights off fingerprints no fingerprints anymore and it looks good plus the armrest and everything else is very very complete.

You get soft material throughout and this beautiful wire mesh paneling that hides the vents and, for the first time for a 2022 Honda Civic, has a Bose sound system with 12 speakers when you’re on the touring trim. The 9-inch infotainment system in the touring trim Apple Car Play, wireless Android Auto car navigation touchscreen, dual climate control crunchy compromise with heated seat, tons of connectivity including wireless charging, more of what you can’t see, no fingerprints and it looks really great.

From the armrest to the seats same story wonderful soft-touch material stitching four-way electric assist for the passenger and eight-way electrical assist for the driver and then you’re also gonna get that sunroof up top nicely done.

Steering wheel Honda does the best job I don’t care what other compact sedans you’re looking at the best steering wheel in the class love the silver trim you got all that honda sensing technology and then guess what unlike some of the competitors you got a full 10-inch super clean digital display first time on Civic. Tons of functionality means you’re able to scroll through so much information and you could customize let’s say you don’t like your gauges round you want bar gauges you could do it.

You’re getting more room, remember the proportions of this 2022 Honda Civic have changed to really maximize the exterior styling and the interior space. Even the six feet tall will feel comfortable no matter where they sat in here the bad news is the if you’re sitting behind the driver you don’t get a pocket so what that means that if you have your calzone you’re gonna have to hold on to it between your legs.

The great news is two USBs so they got you can cover connectivity-wise still the same no AC vents it would be nice to have some AC vents in this 2022 Honda Civic touring would be nice to have the ac vents but you do get a pocket behind the passenger seat for your own calzone to give some extra pepperoni and then the armrest never felt better.

Trunk Space

One area where the 2022 Honda Civic really earns its money is in the trunk space especially when you’re comparing it to cars in the same class like the Mazda 3. You’re going to get over 14 cubic feet of space love just how much room there are the seats fold down and you got a spare.


Honda says 75% of people who buy a Civic are coming back to buy another Honda in the future, so yes, it’s an important vehicle for the company’s long-term health, not much can go wrong then it is a good thing good in my opinion. From their point of view, Honda has nailed it. In addition to the urgent need for a basic and blind-spot option package for citizen sports and perhaps an all-wheel-drive option, this new 2022 Honda Civic continues to set standards in the compact sedan car class and the price range of MSRP 29,900, is definitely good.

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